Zim Zam Explorer Safari

The wide open plains of the Southern Kafue and the rugged hills and rock carvings of Bumbusi in Hwange National Park are the perfect safari combination for true safari enthusiasts and lovers of the wilderness.

The variety of mammal and bird species in the Southern Kafue along with the seasonal high density close up viewing of elephants and great walking safari opportunities at Bumbusi offer 2 really unique safari experiences. Nestled in between the 4 night stay at both camps is a wonderful 3 night stay on the secretive Tsowa Island on the Zambezi River just above the Victoria Falls.


Travel Route

1. Livingstone – 2. Nanzhila Plains Camp – 3. Tsowa Island Camp – 6. Victoria Falls Airport – 4. Robins Airstrip – 5. Bumbusi Wilderness Camp– 4. Robins Airstrip – 6. Victoria Falls Airport.

Day 1 – 5: 4 nights – Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp
The closest big game safari camp to Livingstone and Victoria Falls which retains a wonderful sense of wilderness and isolation

This safari begins in Livingstone with a 3 hour road transfer to Dundumwezi Gate where you will be met by the Nanzhila Plains safari team. Enjoy a game drive into camp and settle into the beautiful rooms with views over the dambo to enjoy a 4 night stay.

Day 5 – 8: 3 nights – Tsowa Island Camp
Tsowa Safari Island is situated 40km upstream from Victoria Falls half way between Kasane and Vic Falls

After breakfast, you will leave Nanzhila Plains and head south through the Park to Livingstone for a 3 night stay at the new Tsowa Island Camp located on an island in the middle of the Zambezi River just above Victoria Falls.

Day 8 – 12: 4 nights – Bumbusi Wilderness Camp
A classic safari camp tucked beneath a lush grove of giant Mahogany trees in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park

After 3 nigths at the Tsowa Island Camp, you will have 4 nights in Hwange National Park at the remote and authentic Bumbusi Wilderness Camp.


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